The Yeast Kidney Stone is the most powerful Phlegmstone on the Infinity Jauntlet. Its power and durability derive from the Yeast Bunnies, its source. It can inflict a yeast infection on any poor soul. The Yeast Kidney Stone has been around for millions of years, but has been rediscovered recently by Pasquel & his kids.


The Yeast Kidney Stone originates from the Yeast Bunnies, circa 2,000 years ago. Legend says when it was passed, it was the greatest pain any living creature has ever experienced. The sheer pain that the Yeast Bunnies had was transferred directly into the power of the Yeast Kidney Stone.

Sometime many years ago, the Globglogabgalab, at the time a young boy, came across the Yeast Kidney Stone. Believing it to be an orange due to its strong citrus scent, he picked it up and swallowed it whole. This caused the Globglogabgalab to mutate into the appearance he is remembered as. This also gave him the power to create yeast molecules wherever he so chose. Years of exposure to the Yeast Kidney Stone allowed him to build up a tolerance to the animalistic effects of the stone. The Yeast Kidney Stone remained in his body until he violently shitted it out, and promptly died.


Like all Phlegmstones, the wearer of the Yeast Kidney Stone can inflict a disease, namely yeast infections, on anyone they so choose. However, the Yeast Kidney Stone is unique, because it also allows the user to give anyone they want kidney stones, causing an incredibly intense pain called renal colic, hearkening back to the pain experienced by the Yeast Bunnies. Like other Phlegmstones, the wearer of the Yeast Kidney Stone experiences an incredible boost in strength and general constitution, which also causes the wearer to lose fine motor skills and become animalistic in nature. However, this trait is much, much stronger in the Yeast Kidney Stone than in other Phlegmstones. The sheer strength that a user experiences is unlike almost anything ever seen in the history of the universe, as are the mentally inhibiting properties. The Yeast Kidney Stone also allows the wearer to synthesize an unlimited amount of a citrus fruit creatively named an orange. Oranges are practically extinct now, but apparently they could be easily bought at any old supermarket. The ungodly sweet taste of oranges is overpowering, and is so sweet that anyone who consumes one will experience an intense orgasm.

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