The Yeast Bunnies are two powerful creatures that were created at the same time as Le Cluk, approximately 13.7 BYA. They are the creators of the Yeast Kidney Stone, and currently lie dormant in Pasquel's house, unbeknownst to IvanSonicGamer.


For a long time, the Yeast Bunnies traveled from planet to planet, observing the ways of the developing organisms, before finding something very wrong on Earth. In the country of Kazakhstan, a powerful humanoid named Le Cluk was terrorizing villages and rampaging through early civilizations. However, the humans were quick to develop methods to keep Le Cluk at bay by cultivating lemons and limes and preparing them in a customary cereal along with candies, goat milk and spices. (This later spread across Eurasia and into Siberia, where it became eaten as Spicy Skittle Cereal.) However, when Plato unearthed the Jaundice Pendant during an excursion and later died from its power, Le Cluk discovered it and used its immense power to bring human civilization within an inch of destruction. The Yeast Bunnies, deciding to take action, pooled together and urinated a colossal kidney stone with power large enough to match Le Cluk. This stone was bestowed upon a beautiful forest elf by the Yeast Bunnies, who called himself the Globglogabgalab. Using the power of the Yeast Kidney Stone, he became immensely intelligent and created a yeast army large enough to overpower Le Cluk and seal away the Jaundice Pendant in the hands of a young cryptid living in Siberia named Leprosy. The Globglogabgalab, infatuated by the immense power and wisdom the Yeast Kidney Stone gave him, took refuge in the basement of a large wooden house in the forest, where he fed off the wisdom offered by books in the basement's library and grew immensely obese. He also gained the power to change his form at will. He is still in possession of the Yeast Kidney Stone, but as many of the cryptids seek its power for the Infinity Jauntlet, he must guard it carefully.


After defeating Le Cluk temporarily, the Yeast Bunnies found that they were not powerful enough to leave Earth, and decided to hide in Ivan's favorite pizzeria, posing as game prizes. By chance, Ivan won them both with his good boy points, taking them back to his house. They are currently hiding on a placemat, hoping that Ivan does not summon their power again.

Physical Description

The Yeast Bunnies are two small, identical orange bunnies, approximately the size of a fingernail each. They have small black eyes and noses, but no visible mouths. Their bright orange coloration comes from the fact that they are pure condensed yeast, which is purified to such a degree that the absolute shade of yeast is visible free from interference. They have a rubbery texture and smell strongly of yeast. They are absolutely immobile while in "toy" form, but are actually capable of incredibly fast airborne travel.

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