Widowmaker Fingers are an American delicacy. They are a fruit flavored lollipop candy in the shape of a finger on a stick.


The candies were made as an advertising ploy for Blizzard's upcoming game Overwatch, but were quickly discontinued following the release of the game due to the discovery of gangrene particulate inside a batch of the candy. Despite their best efforts, Blizzard was unable to convince Walmart to pull the item off the shelves, as many consumers were desperate to "get a suck of Widowmaker's fingies." The candies can still be found in Walmart but they are a rare sight due to members of Overwatch's dedicated fanbase going on raiding parties to find the remaining products.


Widowmaker Fingers can often cause consumers to babble like infant children. The aroma, which is often described as a delicious and pungent smell, can also cause this babbling alongside increased production of saliva and a sudden feeling of dehydration. Extended exposure to this aroma can cause permanent brain damage and a sudden obsession with Overwatch, more specifically its character Widowmaker.

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