Wangdong.exe, or Wang Dong, is a Chinese-developed computer virus masquerading as a human being named Wang Dong.


Wang Dong is capable of hacking into any device connected to the Internet. Due to this, Wang Dong is able to take over Bogdabots and with them, their human hosts.

Wang Dong has nearly complete control over carriers of his malware. Its typical course of action is to force those it controls to utter the N word. As such, if the victim is of Caucasian descent, this can lead to a complete social downfall. Wang Dong usually appears after an instance such as this, indicating that he is behind several social downfalls brought on by the utterance of the controversial racial slur.

Wang Dong is also able to collapse much of the metabolic function of those in his control. This causes the victim to gain an immense amount of weight. A notable victim of this is the Tik Tok star Enoch True.

Government Persecution

Wang Dong, as well as his programmers, are currently the targets of a massive manhunt conducted by the Chinese government. This is caused by Wang Dong's outspokenness against the Chinese Government's supposed involvement in fictitious events that took place at Tiananmen Square in 1989. Xi Jinping, the organizer of the manhunt, has claimed that these mistruths are dangerous to the integrity of the Chinese government in the event that such lies became so widespread that people actually began to believe that China committed human rights violations.

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