Walmart is a singular retail outlet located in downtown Barnaul that is often referenced by IvanSonicGamer and his associates, although it is not Ivan's primary food source, as he more frequently patronizes the Siberian Gas Station located near his village.


Formerly a hugely successful international retail outlet founded in the United States of America, Walmart underwent enormous rebranding following a transfer of ownership to a "Mr. Maloge." The store changed from an all-purpose supermarket to a highly specialized upscale sporting gear and machine parts outlet with "special exchanges" occurring in an area restricted from general consumers. Eventually, it was discovered that the outlet had been turned into an enormous narcotic trafficking establishment and had been employing unethical business practices including severe docking of employees' pay, abnormally long work hours and under some instances even child labor. This discovery forced Walmart to close all of its stores nationwide and provide compensation payments to its several million employees, also landing Mr. Maloge in federal prison with a hefty sentence of life with possibility of parole in prison and, even more troubling to him, loss of custody of his two children. However, one singular Walmart store managed to stay open in Barnaul, Siberia, which hastily rebranded itself as "Walgre" in an attempt to distance themselves from the scandal. Due to their relative notoriety within the social sphere, the store is well known to Ivan and his associates, as well as rival YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul.

Halloween Special

Barnaul's Walmart store serves as the setting for the bulk of Ivan's Halloween Special, in which he makes a journey from his house to Walmart in downtown Barnaul accompanied by a group of mostly nonviolent Cryptids that escaped from a nearby quarantine, getting frightened, lost and potentially kidnapped before eventually finding the store and purchasing an assortment of foods including Widowmaker Fingers. He consumes these in the parking lot under pressure from a group of Cryptids before ending the video.

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