UgandanKnucklesGamer420 is the only other known (theoretically) human survivor of the Destruction of Barnaul besides IvanSonicGamer. They are often called upon by Ivan for protection and referred to as a "fan," but only make an appearance in Ivan's Spicy Oreo Gumbo review.


UgandanKnucklesGamer420, despite referring to themselves by a YouTube channel name, does not actually own a channel and rarely appears in Ivan's food review videos. They are known for being strong and a capable protector, and appear in Ivan's video with a large pixelated weapon (the largest weapon the likes of which have been seen in Ivan's videos) standing behind him to protect him from cryptids, along with a mysterious bodyguard wearing sunglasses that bears a strong resemblance to a human Leprosy. They are known to be a long time friend of Ivan, being mentioned for the first time in Ivan's Taki Pickle video as the person who suggested the dish.


UgandanKnucklesGamer420 is similar in height to Ivan and wears their hair in dreadlocks with dyed tips (possibly to resemble Knuckles). They wear clothing such as hoodies and jeans, similar to most other characters that appear in Ivan's videos, as well as a pair of thick glasses.


UgandanKnucklesGamer420 is a close friend of Ivan and offers to protect him in his Spicy Oreo Gumbo review, holding a large gun with a bayonet and standing behind him to protect him. They are also known for being helpful to Ivan and giving him suggestions/protection for videos. They speak in a manner similar to the Ugandan Knuckles meme, often quoting him and speaking in a light Ugandan accent.

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