The Backrooms are a massive network of interconnected empty interiors existing in a limbo dimension, much like the Epicness universe's own Da Vents


Overall, the Backrooms consists of vast amounts of interconnected rooms that are almost completely identical in dimensions and interior features. The floor is always covered with a layer of light beige moist carpet that has yellowed from water damage and age. The walls are approximately 7 inches thick, made of a plaster material, and covered uniformly in yellow lightly patterned wallpaper. Thin strips of finished wood run horizontally a few feet outward from each corner. The ceiling consists of beige drop tile with a vertical strip of loudly buzzing (suggesting an outdated model) fluorescent lights. These lights being aligned in straight parallel lines is the only feature in the Backrooms that can provide a sense of orientation. Rooms are unfurnished except for occasional vent grates or nonfunctional electrical outlets and contain between 1 and 4 open doorways leading to other rooms. 

The Backrooms have been noted to take a heavy psychological toll on those who spend prolonged periods of time confined within them. Starvation and dehydration do not seem to take effect, but many longtime inhabitants of the Backrooms seem to believe they are undergoing them anyway and as such resort to eating drywall and drinking moisture from the carpet. The monotony of the rooms also causes many to experience hallucinations, which commonly manifest as shadow entities. Many who have spent long amounts of time in the Backrooms report losing all sense of direction and feel as though they teleport back to an earlier position during moments of confusion. 

Unlike Da Vents, the complete size of the Backrooms has never been determined, leading many believe that they are infinite and recursively generating. The nearly identical similarity of each room within the Backrooms is also a limiting factor in determining their true scale, as this makes them nearly impossible to differentiate and therefore navigate. 


The Backrooms do not have a clear location due to their existence being confined to an isolated dimension with no other features. This dimension can only be accessed by accident through a phenomenon in which an entity may clip through areas of reality as if it were never there, passing through physical matter before entering the dimension of the Backrooms. Since the majority of people who access this dimension are disillusioned with reality and the material world and lack concrete faith in its existence, it has been regarded as a "limbo dimension" for people who are in between realities. 

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