Tarrytown, WV is one of the poorest cities in the world. It has an extremely high population density, and a population of 20,000,000.

Many poor immigrants moved here in the early 1800's in search of a better life in America. Originally, Tarrytown was a prosperous city with a diverse culture, but as more and more people moved there, there was less and less room to live. Eventually, the average Tarrytowner only lived in a room the size of a large bathroom. The city of Tarrytown refused to build new homes for the booming population, and did not spend any money on infrastructure, leading Tarrytown to be one of the worst places to live.

The poor conditions were made worse in 1994, when the Jay Jay the Jet Plane prototype ravaged the city, killing thousands of innocent citizens and completely destroying most of the buildings. Currently, 10,000,000 of Tarrytowners are homeless due to this event.

Despite this, Tarrytown maintains a distinct culture, a confluence of many immigrants' native cultures. In particular, the Polishpolis neighborhood offers many of the best Polish delicacies available in the Americas.

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