Taki Pickles (Таки солёный огурец Taki solyonyy ogurets in Russian) are a traditional Siberian dish. They are, simply, gas station pickles stuffed with Takis. They are a favorite food of IvanSonicGamer's, as his mom makes them for him after school.


The first Taki Pickle was thought to be invented by Genghis Khan, leader of the Mongols, after he got hungry while filling up his Corvette. He decided to try something new, that was never thought of before, by stuffing a Van Holten's pickle with some Takis. The Khan was so struck by the deliciousness of its flavor that he immediately made it the national dish of the Mongol Empire. The Taki Pickle spread across Siberia, but not much further, because Siberia is the only place where pickle trees grow.

The Taki Pickle was relatively confined to Siberia until Simon Mironov, a fourteen year old boy from Siberia, became the World Champion of Taki Pickle Eating in 1818 after eating 146 Taki Pickles in under thirty seconds. After this, the Taki Pickles spread wildly throughout the globe, in an event that historians dub the "Taki Pickle Craze of 1818". Taki Pickles were immensely popular everywhere until a sudden outbreak of ███████ was linked to the glorious gherkins. Countries all over the world declared Taki Pickles a national health issue, and Taki Pickles were made illegal. However, Siberians were undeterred, and continue preparing the marvelous meal to this day.


Taki Pickles do not seem to carry any unique or anomalous effects, apart from how such a strange combination of foods is so tasty. They are not very nutritional, but they are highly salty. Despite the relative normality of the item, they are in some way related to the incident following the Taki Pickle Craze of 1818. In the event, nearly half the population of the entire globe, primarily in developed and urban areas, became afflicted with ███████, a strange disease in which patients became ███████████. This incident does not seem to have anything to do with the actual nature of the food, however.

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