Supreme Patty (real name Patrick Wallace) is an Instagram comedian who posts short videos involving pranks and comedy sketches. Often, these sketches involve light physical harm, property damage, or generally reckless activity. He has over 5 million followers on the platform and uploads videos fairly frequently.

Within the Epicness verse

Supreme Patty's most famous sketches involve squeezing citrus such as lemons and limes into his eyes, after which he proceeds to perform various comedic actions such as jumping into a pool or shooting a basketball into a hoop from a distance. Most notably, he has collaborated with rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine in a short video, in which he introduces 6ix9ine to the viewers. 6ix9ine proceeds to state that he has six limes while displaying them (in an attempt to rhyme "six limes" with "6ix9ine"), but does so in an incredibly slurred and incomprehensible fashion. This has prompted denizens of the Epicness verse to attempt and replicate the comedic tone of voice that 6ix9ine uses to proclaim the quantity of limes he is holding in his hands, to the extent where Freddy Gosmier made a bass-boosted parody of this introduction. The limes Supreme Patty frequently squeezes in his eyes have also been compared to gangrene and the Lucas Derp Face due to their green color.

Music Career

Additionally, Supreme Patty has made several songs on occasion, consisting of basic trap/hip hop beats combined with fairly simplistic and unmelodic rapping. Due to the blandness of his lyrics and his generally uninspired and simplistic flow, many denizens of the Epicness verse have found these songs ironically funny due to their poor quality. This has gone to the extent where IvanSonicGamer has considered using a Supreme Patty song for a video, but is debating on whether or not to do this due to the possibility of a copyright strike. 

Most notably, Supreme Patty has made two songs called Blah Blah and Gelato. In his classic song Blah Blah, he utters the famous line "bitch call my phone, she like blah blah blah blah." This song details his struggles with the famous lifestyle, the work necessary to reach the point that he has, and feeling like popular rapper Post Malone with that gra-ta-ta-ta. In his more alternative and upbeat track Gelato, he details the simple pleasures of life, such as smoking marijuana, going on luxurious vacations, and having "seck s," which he claims to do with your girl, who gives the best "heayeah." These songs are among Ivan's favorite tracks, and are often quoted by both him and Dimitri.  

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