We Stan

Stan is one of the default skins in Fortnite Battle Royale. He faces constant oppression not only because he is a no-sk*n, but also because he is a black man.


Stan cares heavily about his family and also Fortnite. He is very focused on providing a loving environment for his daughter, supporting his elderly mother and father, and getting the dub. He also drives a Fortnite Car.

Fortnite Burger Controversy

Stan has faced a light jail sentence for "armed robbery," although this was actually a front for a larger money embezzlement scheme. Stan co-founded a chain of restaurants offering the Fortnite Burger, which claimed to be made from 100% organic Fortnite Beef but was actually outsourced from deceased Cambodian children who died working in Stan's REAL field of business, sprawling underground factories that illegally produced Chug Jugs. Stan received his first cash payment for facilitating the operation and happened to store it in his Kanken. While ordering a Fortnite Burger from one of his restaurants, the worker happened to notice the intense stank emanating from Stan's Kanken, which was of course from the cash. Stan decided to "spill the tea, sis" by pouring hot tea from the coffee machine and spilling it all over the worker's face, causing scalding burns and an "SKSKSKSKSKSKSKS" sound. He then produced a golden SCAR and pretended to hold the workers up while the cops arrived, explaining the cash in his Kanken through the "robbery."

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