Spicy Skittle Cereal is a food consumed by Ivan in his cereal review, but the dish is not finished as he is interrupted by a cryptid attack and spills his cereal on the ground.


Spicy Skittle Cereal is known as a delicacy in Siberia, and is traditionally prepared for lunch and dinner. Originally, the cereal only consisted of Spicy Skittles, milk and Gatorade lemon-lime drink mix, and was consumed within Ivan's village as a way of appeasing Gangrene and Jaundice and keeping them from attacking the village. As the village dealt with a drought of Gatorade powder, they stopped consuming the cereal, and the Jaundice attack that destroyed Ivan's village soon followed. Due to the nostalgia of having his mom prepare the dish for him in his lunch and after school, Ivan decided to review the traditional delicacy. However, being the flavor entrepreneur that he is, Ivan decided to add Parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, and oregano to make the dish more hearty. This ultimately ended up being unsuccessful, as the flavors of Ivan's added seasonings overpowered the sweetness of the dish. However, the dish became more enjoyable for Ivan after Dole showed up and poured Dole Dippers into the dish, making it taste better.

Collection and Consumption

First, Sweet Heat Skittles are poured into a bowl. Then, milk is added, and the cereal is left to ferment so the flavors can adequately mix together. After this, a large scoop of Gatorade lemon-lime drink mix is added, and the cereal is stirred until the powder is fully dissolved. After this, Ivan adds salt and pepper, stirs the cereal, and then adds parmesan cheese and a large pinch of oregano. He attempts to consume the cereal, noting that it tastes good, but is attacked by Gangrene and Leprosy and quickly changes his mind about the food, deciding that it doesn't taste very good.

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