Spicy Oreo Gumbo is a delicacy improvised and patented by IvanSonicGamer, although its concept has deep roots in Siberian cuisine.


Gumbo is a dish that originates from Creole cuisine and is primarily popular in Louisiana. However, its simple concept and room for improvisation has allowed the dish to exist in various forms across the world. In Siberia, gumbo-like dishes have been traditionally prepared with a blend of sweet and spicy ingredients. Siberian cuisine has celebrated spicy elements for all of recorded history due to their energizing and warming properties boosting endurance in wintery conditions, as well as their ability to repel Cryptids when consumed often.

Siberian Gumbo is typically prepared with chocolate, cinnamon, chili powder, flour and water, and as it is a simple recipe made with staples of Siberian cuisine it can be made in a hurry or when no other food is available. After the Destruction of Barnaul, it incorporated itself more heavily into the Barnaulese diet due to a subsequent food scarcity.


IvanSonicGamer improvises his own recipe for gumbo, so the effects observed are different from the typical nutrition and endurance boost Siberian Gumbo provides. In fact, the effects of Ivan's gumbo recipe are rather unfortunate, as they are counterproductive to his desire to remain safe. His medley of gumbo, made with Spicy Cinnamon Oreos, seems to attract Cryptids in droves. Prepared as ever, Ivan counteracts this by eating his Gumbo under the protection of two armed guards.

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