Slop and Slime are two foods reviewed by IvanSonicGamer that originate from a PilotRedSun animation in which a child asks a chef for dinner, only to be met with two unsatisfying fictional foods.


Slop and Slime originate from a PilotRedSun short in which a young boy runs up to a chef and asks him what is for dinner. The chef responds by presenting "slop" and "slime," two presumably gelatinous foods in rectangular metal pans, that are clearly not adequate dinner sustenance. The video responds to this in a self-aware manner by proposing the question "What Ever A Meal One Can Make With A Slop Or A Slime ? ? ?" to the tune of music composed by PilotRedSun himself. Due to the iconic nature of each line uttered in the video, IvanSonicGamer decided to recreate the two foods for a food review.

What's for Dinner?

What's for Dinner?

The video that Slop and Slime originate from, animated by PilotRedSun.


The two foods, while of similar consistencies, are composed from different ingredients. Slop, the yellow food, is made of artificial citrus punch congealed into a jelly-like consistency. On top of it are green beans and dollops of sour cream. The food itself is very sweet, almost sickeningly so, and has a consistency similar to runny egg white with a thicker skin on top. Slime, however, is made of a blended mixture of coffee cake, Spicy Funyuns and sweetened iced tea, topped in crumbled Funyuns and cooked spaghetti. Slime has more of a mushy oatmeal consistency and is also sweet, but has a hint of savory flavor.


Slop and Slime do not seem to have profound effects on the consumer besides disappointment that they will not be eating a proper dinner, although it does seem to impair one's fine motor skills, as evidenced by the fact that IvanSonicGamer cannot properly bring the food to his mouth and instead dribbles it down his chin. However, if one's hands become coated with either Slop or Slime, they have a likelihood of attracting Siberian Mosquitos.

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