The Siberian Cryptid Protection foundation (SCP foundation) or simply the Siberian Quarantine is a large restricted area located deep in the Siberian countryside, near the outskirts of Barnaul. It is the containment area of many low-grade Cryptids that were freed by IvanSonicGamer to appear in his Halloween Special video.


The majority of information about or pertaining to the Quarantine is strictly classified, but it is speculated that it was founded in response to the Destruction of Barnaul at the hands of a few key Cryptids. However, the Cryptid problem is known to have plagued Russia as well as various surrounding regions in Central Asia and Eastern Europe for decades, even centuries, prior. Thus, it is likely that the organization had existed in forms prior to the foundation of the Quarantine and had been completing cryptid containment procedures for a significant period of time. The main objective of the Quarantine, as well as of the greater foundation, is to eventually neutralize the threats of Gangrene, Leprosy and Jaundice.

2018 Heist

Despite its intensive security measures, the Quarantine was successfully raided in October of 2018 by IvanSonicGamer himself. It is not entirely known how Ivan managed to gain access, as he is not a Cryptid, or how he managed to avoid any form of harm at the hands of the several armed guards and violent Cryptids present at the location. However, it is theorized that Ivan is somehow immortal as evidenced by his continued survival through multiple encounters with violent and high-grade Cryptids as well as his survival of the destruction of his village in Barnaul.

Current Operations

Many of the low-grade cryptids freed in the heist of 2018 were successfully returned to custody. However, many of these cryptids will be temporarily relocated to Sout Park to undergo experimental testing with the ██████████ █████████.

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