The Siberian Gas Station is a gas station located near IvanSonicGamer's village in Barnaul, Siberia. it is the gas station where Ivan purchases most of the foods used in his videos, and is the only source of purchasable food near Ivan's village.


The Siberian Gas Station, while appearing very small on the outside, is actually a large convenience store that sells a variety of products, including weaponry. It has been filmed in Ivan's Banana Gerbers Review, in which it can be observed that the cashier is required to be under the influence of marijuana, and that the store is brightly-lit and sells fidget spinners on the counter. It has several aisles and a drink fridge in the back of the store, as well as a large selection of spicy chips, which are traditional in Ivan's village for their energizing properties. It is notable for having a large Gerber's baby food selection, which Ivan purchases from, as well as a rotating rack of weaponry that Ivan has purchased an orange revolver from.

Nuclear Meltdown Theory

Due to high levels of radioactivity in Ivan's village, it is theorized that the Siberian Gas Station (where the radiation is concentrated the highest) is the site of a nuclear meltdown of slightly smaller or comparable size to Chernobyl.


Ivan has purchased a multitude of products used in his videos, which include Takis, the pickle used in his Taki Pickle Review, Hot Fries, Banana Gerbers, bottles for Hot Fry Water and Gamer Girl Pee, his orange revolver that he uses against Leprosy in his Slop and Slime Review, and Fanta Berry and Big Red sodas used in his Bootleg Lean Review. Edmund Dobbie has also bought poor quality plastic guns that he uses to inflict minor pain towards his friends and family.

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