Ramiel is a large blue octohedron from Neon Genesis Evangelion that is seemingly sentient and capable of

motion. It is famed among the Epicness universe for its gigantic size, unusual character design and concept, and for being the primary recipient of the phenomenon When She Suckin Yo Nuts And You A Gangsta.


Ramiel's face is often associated when one experiences oral sexual contact (among many other forms of physical contact) upon one's testicles while simultaneously being involved in gang-related activities or considering oneself a "gangsta." His bizarre and obscure physical appearance combined with such a sexually promiscuous and typically organic scenario create a sense of hilarity at how unusual the juxtaposition is. Additionally, Ramiel seems to convey an indescribable emotion that can only be felt when one finds themselves in the aforementioned explicit scenario, leading to the association of Ramiel's image along with this exact scenario.

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