Item #: SCP-7215 (Plab)

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7125 is to be kept in a room measuring approximately 12 feet in each dimension. The exterior of this room is to be lined with windowless titanium and the door is to be solid with no viewing ports. The interior is to be covered in an approximately half-foot deep coating of decontaminated sand gathered from environmental sites, as SCP-7125 will become likely to resist containment if the provided sand is synthetic. The room is to be connected to an irrigation system that will disperse mist at semiregular interval and must remain heated at a constant 73 degrees Farenheit. SCP-7125 is not to be observed with the naked eye.

Description: SCP-7125 is a fish of indeterminate species, resembling a pufferfish. It bears two fins on its sides as well as smaller tailfins, eyes with a translucent double layer protecting them, and a mouth with two visible teeth resembling the front teeth of a mammalian herbivore. Its skin is constantly moist and patterned with olive green or grey spots. It has not been observed making any movements (besides incidents of teleportation) and is typically completely static.

Observation of SCP-7125 with the naked eye will lead to a severe sexual arousal in the exposed individual. This period lasts for about a minute and is typically disorienting. About 40% of exposed individuals begin to masturbate during this period, which decreases the likelihood of harm caused by SCP-7125. Individuals who do not masturbate or otherwise satisfy their arousal will begin to copulate with SCP-7125 after approximately one minute. SCP-7125 has no discernible sexual organs, but both male and female subjects have been observed copulating with SCP-7125. The individual will then disappear and reappear in the nearest secluded area, completely asleep with no memory of the incident. Individuals who have copulated with SCP-7125 will begin to suffer severe abdominal pain 3 to 5 days later. This eventually intensifies into a severe state of gangrenous decomposition, which has lead to the death of the subject in all recorded cases. 1 to 2 hours post-mortem, SCP-7125 will disappear from its previous area of residence and reappear in the internal organs of the deceased subject.

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