The Phlegmstones are six elemental artifacts that each carry incredible disease-affiliated power and, when combined, complete the fabled Infinity Jauntlet.


The Phlegmstones are 6 different objects with varying times and places of origin, indicating to historians that they were not all created simultaneously, or even at the same time as the Infinity Jauntlet at all. The majority of Phlegmstones have a crystalline composition, indicating that they are a type of mineral unknown to the Epicness universe. (The one exception to this is the Giardia Stone, which was seemingly formulated in a laboratory by poop moguls.)


The six Phlegmstones, listed in order of discovery, are:

-The Jaundice Pendant (time of creation unknown), which was thought to aid Le Cluk in his Kazakhstan rampages throughout the 15th century.

-The Yeast Kidney Stone (circa 17 CE), which was discovered by the Globglogabgalab in the very early 19th century.

-The Leprosy Stone (predated by an older and closely related Measles Stone), which was forged by Leprosy using the remains of the Measles Stone approximately in the late 19th century or early 20th century.

-The Giardia Stone (circa 1960 CE), which was formulated in a lab by an unknown group of giardia-infected stool tycoons.

The two remaining Phlegmstones, which have yet to be discovered, are:

-The Gangrene Stone

-The Cyanosis Stone (thought to be incorporated in an early prototype of the Iron Lung)


Each of the Phlegmstones are closely correlated with their namesake disease and can inflict the effects of the disease at will both upon the user and their targets. This leads to varied effects based on the given Phlegmstone, but each are known to grant the user a massive boost in strength, stamina and durability at the cost of their sophisticated mental functions. This, combined with the powerful disease that the user must endure in order to wield the power of the stone, lead to most users being destroyed by the stone's power. Due to this, only the strongest and most powerful denizens of the Epicness universe have been observed to be capable of wielding a Phlegmstone's power (these include Le Cluk and several Cryptids).

The Yeast Kidney Stone is the only exception to a general rule of Phlegmstones in that long-term usage of the stone does not result in a loss of mental function and actually results in a large boost after a long enough period of use (as evidenced by the Globglogabgalab).

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