Pasquel FeelinSour is an up-and-coming rapper and the mother of Edmund Dobbie and Gerald Magoonez. While not actively parenting his two children, he is an avid fan of Five Nights at Freddy's, Creepypasta and Studio Ghibli.


Pasquel is a loving, yet somewhat irresponsible, mother who will do nearly anything to appease his kids. Nearly all of his personal resources are devoted towards his two children, in some cases at the detriment of others. He allows his children access to playgrounds and other public spaces that are designed for much younger children, and is known for hosting extravagant Ghiblifests, movie marathons attended by most known denizens of the Epicness universe.

However, he is also quick to deliver discipline. Pasquel has been known to physically reprimand Edmund and Gerald with a slap to the back of the head, known colloquially as a Magoon Theater. However, this behavior is practiced routinely in his household alongside several other smacking techniques and is typically delivered in good humor. He has also infrequently verbally disciplined his two children, especially during family games of Super Smash Bros., in which he announces "mad cause bad" after victories.

Music Career

Pasquel also performs under the pseudonym Lil Pasquel, and has featured on numerous bigDobbie tracks. His rap music has been critically acclaimed as energetic, invigorating and extremely articulate, with his best received release generally being considered to be Number Irony (2019). He plans to release an EP within the coming year, but further details have yet to be revealed.

Theorized Alter Ego

Advanced facial recognition data has suggested that Pasquel may secretly be none other than IvanSonicGamer. This is a claim that has been highly controversial among the Epicness universe's top scientists, as the difference in personality, dialect and location is of high note. However, conspiracy theorists have uncovered footage of Ivan speaking in American English and communicating with beings that bear resemblance to Pasquel's two children. Further connections identifying a link between the two have yet to be uncovered.


  • Pasquel does not often respond when referred to by name
    • Sometimes Freddy Gosmier will respond to the name Pasquel instead, in an effort to excuse Pasquel from the frightful resposibility of accepting his own name.
  • Pasquel is often to compared to the Globglogabgalab with hair. He also usually refuses to respond when one refers to him as the Globglogabgalab or makes a Globglogabgalab reference involving him.
    • "Whussel" (a compound of White & Russel, evidently,) is a term commonly used by Edmund, Gerald & Le Cluk, used to describe his resemblance to Russel from the Gorillaz, due to the facial and overall physical similarities (excluding the skin tone.)
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