The Orange Justice is an ancient skill performed when one wishes to temporarily disable an adversary. This technique can be performed with any fruit of a citrus variety, however it is most effective when preformed in tandem with an orange, hence the name.


The Orange Justice is a relatively simple technique, only consisting of three motions. The first is extending your arm while holding an orange (preferably a whole orange as anything less would only release mere fragments of its power). Next, you wave the orange-bearing hand in front of your adversary's face. This is a crucial phase as it completely decimates the vast majority of all forms of both physical and mental defense. If executed correctly, your opponent will assume a dazed expression temporarily. The third and final phase of the technique occurs directly following the second for maximum effectiveness. The final phase consists simply of pressing your index finger into the soft, cartilaginous spot of your victim's skull. This seals the enchantment, causing your victim's eyes to roll back into their head and inflicting upon them a moan. The main effect of this action is lowering your victim's mental capacity and IQ to that of someone who describes themselves as "quirky" or "esoteric". A common phrase uttered by recipients of the Orange Justice is "I don' member". It is also not uncommon for the victim to experience hallucinations of an extremely deep fried image of U.S. President Donald Trump's face on an orange. As of today, it is still unclear as to what exactly the hallucination means.


While not lethal, this technique inflicts temporary mental disability and/or full body paralysis upon its recipient. However, the Orange Justice may cause long-lasting major physiological damage if overused. It is not recommended to perform this action to an individual multiple times in quick succession as it increases the risk of the aforementioned long-term effect. While powerful, the Orange Justice has one key weakness as it is highly ineffective against those who have been Bogpilled. These people may feel slight discomfort in the form of a mild itch, but will never feel the full effects of the technique.

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