Onion Pepsi is a delicacy prepared and consumed by IvanSonicGameralongside a batch of homemade Oahtmeal.


The history of Onion Pepsi is a complicated one highly debated by the Epicness universe's top anthropologists. Throughout history, similar beverages have been associated with divine or meditative rituals, and many legends have been composed in which the hero consumes Onion Pepsi (purposefully or unknowingly) and experiences potent visions that provide guidance for their quest. Its hallucinogenic properties have led it to be nearly universally recognized as a symbol of the psychedelic and the otherworldly, and it has inspired the creation of Coca-Cola as well as several modern hallucinogens such as LSD and DMT.

Its specific origin and a clear purpose for its widespread use remain unknown, although a Siberia-based research organization is attempting to discover the answers to these mysteries.


Onion Pepsi is known to produce powerful and intense hallucinations that are very infrequently grounded in rationality. Common themes that users describe include stretched or warped faces, fictional imagery appearing "not quite right" (such as a set of windowshades appearing colorfully patterned), and (most frequently) surreal messages that users often perceive as comedic. These messages have historically led many to believe that they were guidance from a higher power. These hallucinations often last one to two hours, immediately followed by extreme fatigue.

Interestingly, IvanSonicGamer experiences no hallucinations after consuming Onion Pepsi. Potential reasons for this include the spice from the Takis counteracting the hallucinogens, or Ivan's mental state already being potentially highly removed from reality and preventing him from being fazed by the effects of the Onion Pepsi.

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