Monster Zero Ultra is a potent elixir traditionally brewed and consumed by great sages. It has recently been introduced to the general public due to a subculture of redpilled individuals that created a demand for the substance. It is also a key component in IvanSonicGamer's Watermelon Soup Life Hack.


Monster Zero Ultra is a traditional beverage that has been brewed by multiple indigenous cultures but traces its primary origins from a select few Native American cultures that often prepared the drink around the time period of contact with settlers, leading to the drink's popularity among early European colonizers. It existed in some capacity through the majority of American history but remained the most popular with descendants of the settlers, who learned to prepare the drink as one of their primary sources of food during the early days of American colonization. Although a variety of indigenous American cultures still prepare the beverage for traditional and cultural purposes, it lost mainstream popularity for a long period of time due to the availability of other nutritional resources among American settlers. This began to change when a subculture of the Baby Boomer generation, particularly the conservative individuals with an affinity for patriotism, began to prepare and consume traditional recipes for Monster Zero Ultra as a method of paying homage to their ancestors and traditional ways. This subculture gradually grew into a multigenerational subset of those rooted in extreme conservatism, called Boomers, who even claimed that the drink had medicinal and intellect-enhancing properties that exists to this day.



Cuphead REALLY enjoying a can of the concoction.

Monster Zero Ultra is a recreational stimulant composed of key elements such as caffeine, taurine and Stevia. As such, it has energizing effects that make ordinary activities seem more pleasing and even desirable over traditional methods of leisure. One of the most common of these activities that users seem to enjoy more is mowing the lawn, which is a very common activity among frequent users of Monster Zero Ultra. Those under its effects, often called Boomers, usually claim to achieve a mental state known as the Redpill in which they gain an increased knowledge of social political situations followed by an extreme indifference, usually in the form of a preference to grill. Boomers also become incredibly nostalgic after frequent use, longing to replay their favorite childhood games and listen to music that they dub "the classics." After a sip of Monster Zero Ultra, its consumer almost always proclaims "yeap."

Zoomer effect

Another subculture has spawned out of the Boomer movement, considered to be an inverse in nearly every way. These often younger members of this counterculture, deemed Zoomers, embrace modern trends and enjoy recent hip hop music. They also enjoy video games as the Boomers do, but prefer recent and "softer" titles such as most Nintendo series. Rather than Monster Zero Energy, most Zoomers consume AriZona brand iced teas.

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