Mom's Toilet Bowl is a delicacy prized by me and my two friends. It's known for its tangy, cheesy texture and taste and its horrid stank (which is even better when she forgets to flush the toilet for a couple hours before my friends show up for a "playdate").


Mom is gonna kick me out of the house... She says I'm "Too old to be doing this!" and I'm "Fucking depraved!" just because my friends and I noticed you went stinky and forgot to flush? Puh-LEASE Mom! All I wanted was dinner and now I can’t even stay up till 8:30 gaming Fortnite tonight? And GUESS WHAT, Mom!? My friends are coming over tomorrow as well so you better remember to flush this time...

Also, please leave an extra huge stinky for my 30th birthday in a couple weeks.

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