The Meenion Warpaint is a painted face mask donned by IvanSonicGamer in his 3DS Vape video. Wearing the mask produces a placebo Jaundice effect, enabling the wearer to withstand the onslaught of cryptids that lurk in Barnaul.



A Minion from the Despicable Me franchise. Meenion Warpaint is often misinterpreted as representing one of these creatures.

The Meenion Warpaint is part of a longstanding tradition among the residents of Barnaul. The warpaint is first applied to children as a coming-of-age ritual. It is said to grant somewhat mystical powers to the wearer for the duration that it is worn. The design resembles Миньян (phoneticized as Meenion) , the patron deity of Barnaul. Meenion is a powerful protector deity that is said to guard those who honor him from several types of negative events, including famine, natural disasters and most importantly and historically, Cryptid attacks. However, he is often confused with the small, yellow creatures created by Illumination Animation Studios for their feature film series Despicable Me, which are referred to in the series as Minions. This confusion is accentuated by Ivan's adoration for both the Siberian deity and the animated characters, although comparing the two is strictly taboo among the residents of Barnaul and will often result in scorn and disgust from society.

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Most notably, the Meenion Warpaint provides the wearer with resistance to Cryptid attacks and can often make it difficult for Cryptids to detect them at all. It achieves this through applying a faux jaundice effect to the wearer, which is a known repellent for most Siberian Cryptids. It can also boost one's bodily capabilities, including strength and stamina. However, the effect can wear off incredibly quickly. In order to achieve full and constant protection, one must frequently reapply the warpaint as needed. This gives the warpaint very little practical use, so it is mainly used ceremonially.


The powers of the Meenion warpaint are derived from Meenion, the patron protector deity of Barnaul. It is a mystical being that has never been encountered in physical form by any human in all of recorded history. It prefers to reveal itself to worshipers through dreams and visions. Both historical and contemporary worship of Meenion strongly include the belief that Meenion will protect them from negative occurrences and Cryptid attacks if its image is featured prominently on ceremonial gear, most often warpaint. Depictions of Meenion are rare as worshipers are adamant about keeping the image of Meenion sacred, but from Ivan's warpaint one can gather that it is a yellow-skinned being with two large, wide eyes, a grinning mouth and a blue article of clothing draped around its body.

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