MAN is a guy

Biological Classification

Man classifies under the genus Vir vir, more specifically the masculum subgroup. He is the only known member of his species and appears to have an XY chromosomal structure.


Man is just ██████, and additionally has maintained a rock music critic persona for several decades. Aside from this, he is popular for his What's New, Scooby Doo? theme song parody in which he interrupts a dancing female guest star dressed in anime memorabilia in order to bear his visage. This is considered the starting point for his career. He has also made a notable appearance in The Boyboy West Coast's 2019 rap song Bottoms Up, in which he features for approximately six seconds of silence, a performance regarded by all as one of the most astounding musical deliveries of all time. In the less critically acclaimed remix of this song, his appearance is accompanied by an alarm sound effect.


Man is one of the few individuals to be in possession of a highly sought-after N-Word Pass, and has been hailed the "dean of rock music critics" under his pseudonym Robert Christgau.

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