Lunchroom Delight is a common school nickname for a food product often sold in American lunchrooms since 2011. Officially, the meal is sold under a variety of names, including but not limited to "Domino's Smart Slice", "Pizza Lunch", "Pizza and Breadsticks", or other similar variations.

At first glance, it appears to be a plate of Domino's brand pepperoni pizza, Bosco Sticks, and marinara sauce; however, upon closer inspection, it appears to be made out of a variety of non-edible and toxic substances not known to exist outside of safely guarded laboratories. Experts warn against consumption of Lunchroom Delight due to this fact, but because of its cheap cost and tolerable flavor, students across America continue to purchase and eat it without any immediate negative effects.

Several theories have been posed as to why high school students across America are able to safely eat Lunchroom Delight, a concoction which, according to common sense, would immediately kill anyone who ingests it. An older theory claims that the large amount of dangerous substances actually cancel each other out, making the food safe to consume. However, the fact that most adults are unable to safely eat Lunchroom Delight contradicts this. Because of this fact, another theory claims that young children are actually able to develop a tolerance to Lunchroom Delight. This is the most likely theory.

Despite the lack of immediate effects to eating Lunchroom Delight, students with tolerances to the classic school meal do exhibit some notable similarities over years. For example, the more exposure they have to it, the more they will be drawn to its smell, making the effects even more profound. Additionally, although slowly, eating Lunchroom Delight does slightly erode critical thinking skills. Lunchroom Delight is also hypothesized to cause some physical changes. In areas where Lunchroom Delight is sold, newer generations are statistically smaller, skinnier, less muscular.

Although Lunchroom Delight is supposedly created by Domino's, private research has found that all strains of Lunchroom Delight can be traced back to one person: Betsy Maloge. It is hypothesized that Betsy wants to slowly brainwash the citizens of America, further her agenda, and become the supreme ruler of America with the support of the next generation.

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