Leprosy is a bacterial infection that can cause skin lesions and bodily damage in the long term. It is a primary trait of a Cryptid of the same name, as well as the main component of the fabled Leprosy Stone.

Within the Epicness Universe

Leprosy is a rare condition that formerly existed in widespread amounts within Barnaul as a plague that took place shortly after Le Cluk's rampages and subsequent dormancy. It is thought to have majorly increased in its effect due to a shortage of lemons and limes, which are also known to combat Jaundice and Gangrene. Immediately after this plague, many residents of Barnaul and its surrounding areas began to cultivate the citrus as an effort to ward off the plague. The main symptom of leprosy is damage to the organic mater on one's face and body, especially one's extremities. This can continue to the point where entire features such as noses, fingers or even hands and feet can decay and fall off if left untreated.

Its powers exist most strongly in the Cryptid known as Leprosy, an animalistic and blemished monster depicted in multiple accounts of the Barnaul leprosy plague. It also exists in one of the six key components of the Infinity Jauntlet, the Leprosy Stone. Although Leprosy has become a rarity in Barnaul, its patron cryptid is still widely feared among those familiar with Barnaul history.

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