JuanMarioGamer is a frequent collaborator, as well as a rival, to IvanSonicGamer. Originating from the sewers of Doshington, Colombia, he traveled to Barnaul for the exclusive opportunity of a fan meetup and quickly established his own YouTuber persona as a partner to Ivan.


Juan was born on June 8th, 2011, making him slightly older than Ivan. Throughout his youth, he lived in a series of sewer networks established in Doshington. These sewers were established by the rebellious Doshington youth in danger of being hunted by right-wing death squads and as such left a negative impression on Juan, giving him a rebellious streak of his own. He began to pursue the passion of street art as a method of coping with his sewer experience. Soon, he discovered IvanSonicGamer's channel, and decided to fly to Barnaul and meet Ivan in person. Since their union, Juan has been a frequent collaborator on Ivan's videos but has also established himself as his assailant, preferring Mario over Sonic to Ivan's great dismay and creating competition in the food review market. His boisterous personality has also caused Ivan to flee near the end of a video on multiple occasions.


JuanMarioGamer dresses similarly to Ivan in many ways, possibly as a method of fan appreciation, but there are crucial differences between the two. Juan is significantly shorter and skinnier than Ivan, carrying none of the excess weight that Ivan has put on during the many Siberian winters he has spent consuming rich and grotesque combinations of food. He also dresses lighter, usually opting not to wear a jacket or any of Ivan's preferred extra layers. He has occasionally worn a flannel tied around his waist, seemingly a homage to Ivan's partiality to flannels, and usually pairs this with long sleeve shirts in light colors. He has long and bluntly cropped hair, similarly to Ivan, but his is black instead of brown. He also has a moderately darker complexion and does not wear glasses. Additionally, he does not adorn himself with a similar number of accessories, but has been spotted wearing hats and most frequently pieces of notebook paper taped to himself and covered with custom illustrations and writings.


JuanMarioGamer is particularly outgoing, similar to Ivan, but speaks in a quieter tone and is generally more reserved save for his moments spent interacting with Ivan or on camera. He has an affinity for cooking, most prominently seen in the yet-unreleased Cum Pot preparation video, as well as for street art. He is also very romantically bound, on a whim to a degree where he will often make advances towards other participants in Ivan's videos shortly after interacting with them, which has scared Ivan away and subsequently ending the video multiple times. He seems to be adapting to the Siberian culture to a moderate degree, but still carries traits of his Bogota sewers of home.

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