The Jaundice Pendant is an artifact that was left in IvanSonicGamer's village after it was destroyed by Jaundice. It is a yellow diamond-shaped crystal suspended from a black string, and possesses the ability to inflict jaundice upon anyone at will, as well as to boost the physical strength of its wearer. After Ivan began making videos, his cameraman (who is theorized to be Jaundice or Le Cluk) regained possession of the pendant, and it has been cycled between the cryptids ever since.

History of Possession

The Jaundice Pendant's origin is unknown, but it was worn by Dimitri when he & the cryptids destroyed Ivan's village, granting him the immense power necessary to accomplish the feat. After Le Cluk left, the Jaundice Pendant was found as a prize in Ivan's favorite pizza restaurant. When he began to make videos, his cameraman regained possession of the pendant. If the Cluk theory is true, the cameraman likely was not wearing the pendant, as he was incredibly weak and prone to injuries (as Le Cluk is without the pendant). In Ivan's cereal review, Leprosy obtained possession of the pendant, which boosted his power combined with the Garfield plush bound to his chest. It was also apparently able to synthesize lemons (a symbol of jaundice). Currently, Edmund Dobbie possesses the pendant, keeping its gargantuan power at bay with his gangrene.


The Jaundice Pendant is able to inflict jaundice upon anyone the wearer desires. It also boosts the wearer's strength, stamina and energy by a large amount, to the point where it turns the wearer entirely animalistic. This is seen in both Jaundice's wearing of the pendant as well as Leprosy's incredible strength and animalistic behavior when wearing the pendant in Ivan's cereal review. This was boosted by his Garfield plush. It also synthesized lemons that Leprosy threw at Ivan, but did not inflict jaundice upon anyone. Gangrene also possesses this animalistic power, but if the Edmund Dobbie theory is true, then this is due to Edmund Dobbie being angered. Its powers also further prove the Cluk theory, because Ivan's cameraman is incredibly weak, as Le Cluk would be if he was not wearing the pendant.

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