Jaundice, also known as icterus, is a condition caused by high levels of bilirubin in the body. It often results in yellow pigmentation of the skin or eyes. It can be caused by liver or gallbladder disorders, but can also be inflicted by members of the Epicness universe.

Within the Epicness Universe

Jaundice, like gangrene, can be inflicted on others by members of the Epicness universe. It is also a condition that may be inflicted upon one's testicles while one is a gangsta. However, some members of the Epicness wiki have permanent jaundice on certain parts of their body. Le Cluk is known for having mild jaundice, and while Edmund Dobbie only occasionally has jaundice, he is notably prejudiced to those who do not have jaundice. Pasquel FeelinSour has also been noted to have jaundice on his feet.

In relation to Le Cluk

It is theorized that Le Cluk is one of the three cryptids that plague Ivan's village in Siberia, being the most powerful of the three, Jaundice. This is theorized due to Le Cluk's notably jaundiced skin, connection with Siberia, and his immense power. It has been theorized that Le Cluk was the one to destroy Ivan's village, due to accounts of a large clawed monster in the village. Additionally, Le Cluk wears a pendant with a yellow crystal, which is theorized to give him the power of inflicting jaundice upon others.

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