Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Okimwe Fujimura Running Bear Esteban Nguyen Onfroy (more commonly known as Jah or X) is an Ameican rap artist and god amongst men. He is famous for his mystical hymns BAD! and Moonlight, as well as the timeless classic Look At Me. He is known to have magic powers beyond mere mortal comprehension and is considered a saint who would never do such horrible things as beat his pregnant girlfriend or take pictures of a beaten man to post onto his social media. He is also famous for his revolutionary new currency, JahCoin.

Mystic Powers

It is often said that Jah has many amazing powers. His music has the ability to immediately calm anyone and bring them to an advanced state of astral projection. He also has the capability to reach from the heavens and interact his disciples and many have noted him cradling their balls.


JahCoin was made as an alternative to the infamous DogeCoin. It was made following Jah's tragic death. The currency, unlike DogeCoin, works at many well established locations as compared to DogeCoin's limited usage at Bishop's Chicken and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. locations. JahCoin is immune to inflation and the other pit falls of modern currency as it is infused with black man magic. Because of this, it is also capable of saying the n-word.


Recently on Instagram there was a flurry of video posts containing a pig with massive feces-covered nuts walking while an Arabic ringtone plays in the background. The pig in question is owned by Jahseh. This amazing video has the ability of removing any negative thetans from a disciple's bloodstream and immediately fill them with satisfaction and happiness. It is unknown as to why it is capable of such powers but no one cares to really research it's powers as they are too busy watching the magnificent video on repeat as the swaying motion of the testicles is mesmerizing.

Milk and Cookies

One of Jahseh's favorite pastimes was playing Minecraft, holding his girlfriend hostage, and eating cookies with milk. Following his death millions of fans honored his spirit on Twitter with pictures of milk and cookies, proclaiming "he always loved those."

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