The Irony House is a fabled hangout of the most popular propagators of ironic humor. Considering the degree to which ironic humor is important to the Epicness universe, this makes the term apply to both the group involved and their actual house of residence, and has even been considered a system of government or royalty by some.


The Irony House was founded in late 2018 by a secret society of ironic humor top names, one of whom has been revealed to be Pasquel FeelinSour, and exists in an unidentified tropics region somewhere within the Epicness universe. Inclusion within the house is highly sought after and has only been attained by a few figures throughout its existence.


Although not much is known about the components of the Irony House due to the secretive nature of its inhabitants, it is known to be a fairly large hut surrounded by trees, ivy and general vegetation. (This has earned it the nickname "The Ivy League," both due to its exclusivity and the ivy growing on and near the house.) It has a thatched straw roof and a circular main structure composed of primarily mud and clay. A few general utilities such as a fireplace surround it, and it is in close proximity of a watering hole.

A picture has never been taken of the interior, although it is known to contain multiple iron lungs for both sleeping arrangements and recreational purposes. It is also known to have very nice scenery.

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