Iron Lungs, otherwise known as negative pressure ventilators, are mechanical apparatuses used to regulate the breathing of sufferers of breathing-inhibiting muscle paralysis, a symptom of diseases such as polio. Once thought to be impractical, they have seen a resurgence in use due to their popularity as a "meme".


Users of iron lungs lie horizontally and are encased within the apparatus' chamber, with a hole allowing their head to rest on a tray outside of the chamber. Pumps within the machine regulate the pressure inside the chamber, enabling the user to breathe using the pressure changes. Two-person iron lungs (a recent invention) are uncommon, but are increasingly popular among homies who share a desire to kiss in the iron lung.

It is theorized that the undiscovered Cyanosis Stone exists within one of the earliest prototypes of the iron lung.


Iron lungs regained popularity several decades after their decrease in use due to a viral internet meme involving iron lungs, which dubbed them Irony Lungs as well as a crucial component of the fabled Irony House. This, combined with a surge in the anti vaccination movement, created a partially voluntary resurgence of polio, causing many to be treated with iron lungs once again. They are currently used as one of the Epicness universe's most reliable medical treatments, as well as an effective combatant to cyanosis.

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