Горячая жареная вода (Hot Fry Water in English) is a delicacy consumed by IvanSonicGamer as a challenge that, if he succeeds in accomplishing, means Santa must bring him a toy.


Originally, Hot Fry Water was invented as a warm and energizing drink for weary travelers to carry in their thermos while traversing the harsh Russian tundra. It originally consisted of water, chili powder, and various corn and potato scraps left over from previous meals. These leftovers were traditionally stored under one's double chin for ease of access, and lead to a trend of facial weight gain in 19th century Russia in order to be adequately prepared for when one needs to make some Hot Fry Water. The drink became popular among schoolchildren after the invention of Doritos and Hot Cheeto Fries, which boosted the drink's energizing power and allowed Russian travelers to lose their double chins. After the destruction of Ivan's village, he looted the villagers' stockpiles of Hot Fry Water for his own consumption. He now consumes them as a challenge, in order to ensure that he will receive a toy from Santa in the upcoming Christmas season.

Collection and Consumption

Hot Fry Water is typically prepared by crushing Hot Fries into small chunks and placing them in a plastic bottle with water and one to two Doritos, depending on the desired potency of the drink. It is left to sit like this until the Hot Fries have softened and the powder has began to come off of the Dorito(s). After this, it is shaken "harder than the Kremlin," or very hard, and even thrown on the ground. This is done until the drink is fully mixed. After this, it is customary to pour some onto the ground before drinking it, as a way of removing any unpleasant toxins released by the mixing process. Then, it is drank, often in large gulps at a time with pauses in between. Often, the rest is poured out if one does not finish the entire beverage, as it does not keep well.


Similarly to Gamer Girl Pee, Hot Fry Water causes a lack of coordination in the consumer, often to the extent where one will lose their balance and flail their arms. It is traditionally revered for boosting the consumer's energy and stamina, allowing traditional consumers to traverse across the Russian tundra during winter more easily. It also has a highly intense flavor, as evidenced by how Ivan is quick to spit out the drink after drinking it. However, it has the mild effect of making the consumer irritated or apathetic to others, as evidenced by how Ivan becomes angry at his cameraman after consuming the beverage and doesn't care when his cameraman is disgusted by the beverage.

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