Giorgio D'Helena is a distant friend of IvanSonicGamer's who has made himself prominent through interacting with Ivan online in his "comics" section, and always remembers to like, share and hit the nodafacations bell. Most notably, he has collaborated with Ivan by serving as his cameraman in an episode of a popular Russian home tour show Moscow Television (MTV) Cribs, in which he explores Ivan's home.


Giorgio is a very rowdy boy who is known for his incredibly brittle bones, small stature, inability to engage in sexual intercourse, and overall fits the definition of a manlet. The only female acquaintance of his strongly resembles, and has been theorized to be, his sister. He became notable for making large research and documentation contributions to the Epicness Universe catalog, most notably research on the Taki Pickle and Gamer Girl Pee. He is also a loyal fan of Ivan's, making sure to meet Ivan's requests to engage loyally with him, and has even suggested a food for Ivan to consume known as the Peach Pulverizer, although the actual consumption of this has remained undocumented.


Giorgio has a very notable power complex that causes him to harshly punish those who disagree with him when he is in a position of power. He is also notoriously incapable of having sexual relations, to the extent where he could be considered an involuntary celibate (incel). Due to his nature resembling that of a cuckold, his last name was coined when he attempted to solicit a woman named Helena to stomp on his self-described "pathetic, wimpy and sissy" genitalia. He also has a fondness for music, to the point where the only sexual relations he has engaged in are with his oboe. Outside of his regular life, he has a career as a hip-hop musician under the alias Lil Gio, and has released one song, "Hot Liquids," (although it is theorized that this song was actually written and arranged by Pasquel FeelinSour) that peaked at Billboard #9 in September 2018.

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