The Giardia Stone, coloquially referred to by some as the Bullet, is a powerful artifact that is capable of infecting any surface it contacts with giardia. It is also one of the six crucial components of the Infinity Jauntlet.


Little is known about the origin of the Giardia Stone, although it is theorized to be the only manmade Phlegmstone of the six. Legend has it that due to the increasing popularity of giardia as its recreational uses began to become known to the public, an unknown laboratory ran by an affiliation of poop dealers created an object that could inflict giardia at will. Although this invention was intended to be marketed as a consumable giardia-inflicting product, the first object created was far more powerful than expected and caused the destruction of the laboratory, as well as the Epicness universe's largest epidemic of giardia to date. The artifact, still very valuable to leaders in the giardia market, was quickly snatched up and is now thought to be under private ownership.


Although the Giardia Stone will inflict giardia upon anything it comes in contact with, it can still be wielded like an ordinary Phlegmstone in order to grant increased power to the wielder. Those who wish to channel its power, however, must insert the stone into their rectum as one would a suppository. Before its powers become available, the user must endure a trial period of intense diarrhea that may last anywhere between a few minutes and a few hours. Once this trial is over, the user will receive a huge boost in strength and general constitution, as well as the ability to inflict giardia upon any living entity in sight. However, dehydration is a threat for any long-term usage, forcing the wielder to use it sparingly.

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