Giardiasis or giardia (also referred to as "beaver fever") is an intestinal infection caused by giardia parasites, as well as the blue stone on the Infinity Jauntlet. The most common cause of giardiasis is drinking water from lakes or other bodies of water contaminated with giardia parasite.

Within the Epicness Universe

Giardia is a prevalent disease among the Epicness universe's citizens due to both their unsanitary plumbing and waist treatment procedures as well as its commercial benefits. Upon contraction, sufferers of giardia will experience extreme diarrhea for up to a few weeks. Naturally, diarrhea is a prized possession among Epicness universe denizens (see Mom's Toilet Bowl), and so contraction of giardia is amplified by willing contractors of the disease as well as those consuming the products of a giardia case.

The Giardia Stone, a powerful artifact associated with this disease, is also a close relation of giardia due to its potent ability to infect any substance it comes in contact with with giardia. It is currently lost to the public, rendering the completion of the Infinity Jauntlet temporarily impossible, and is thought to be in possession of a multimillionare giardia tycoon after its creation by a prominent poop dealer.

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