Ghiblifest is a movie marathon centered around the works of the Japanese animated film studio Studio Ghibli that takes place semi-infrequently. During the marathon, four of these movies are typically viewed, with Asian-themed snack foods present for the participants. These events are revered as gathering places for the Epicness universe denizens and have hosted up to eight powerful beings at one time. Historically, the events have been hosted by Pasquel FeelinSour and have been attended by notable beings such as Edmund Dobbie, Gerald Magoonez, Le Cluk, Freddy Gosmier, UgandanKnucklesGamer420, Cracker Gaming, JuanMarioGamer and perhaps even IvanSonicGamer and his associates, among others.

List of Ghiblifests

  • Ghiblifest 1 (September 3rd, 2017)

Le Cluk made an appearance at this Ghiblifest but stayed relatively stable, only progressing into light acts of violence near the end of the event. He won a container of fruit-flavored jellies shaped like a young child wearing colorful clothing through a drawing. Films watched included Spirited Away, which is when the critically acclaimed status of the train scene was first observed.

  • Ghiblifest 2 (March 30th, 2018)

This Ghiblifest contained a higher turnout of Epicness universe denizens, except the festivities did not continue throughout the night. Gerald Magoonez won a bear-shaped container of fruit flavored jellies through a drawing, although he was forced to forfeit these when it was falsely suspected that they contained the recreational drug cannabis. No Cluk attacks took place during this event.

  • Ghiblifest 3 (September 2, 2018)

During this Ghiblifest, Le Cluk became the recipient of the first telepathic Orange Justice when asked about the plot events of My Neighbor Totoro, to which he responded "ahh, uhh, I don' member." IvanSonicGamer also created his hypothetical third alter ego, a well-to-do American chef by the name of Chef Ivan who prepares a delicacy known as Cum Water for one of his rival channels, JuanMarioGamer. On this night, Ivan's Baked Bean Review, Life Hack and Soup Review and Monster Zero Ultra Review were all uploaded.

  • Ghiblifest 4 (February 17th, 2019)

This Ghiblifest contained the highest observed turnout of Epicness universe denizens and has been considered the most successful one yet. An unknown Cryptid wearing a gas mask won a washcloth with Soot Sprites depicted on it through a drawing, and Jahseh was formally honored while observing the many scenes involving testicles in Pom Poko. Additionally, an interference from the astral plane took place during the viewing of The Castle of Cagliostro. However, this Ghiblifest has been criticized by Edmund Dobbie due to the presence of haram food, some of which was reviewed by IvanSonicGamer immediately after its events.

  • Ghiblifest 5 (Sunday 1st, 2019)

The fifth Ghiblifest was also the finale. The four films viewed were: Ponyo, Spirited Away, Castle In The Sky, and Princess Mononoke.

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