Gerald Magoonez is the older sibling of Edmund Dobbie and one of Pasquel FeelinSour's two children. He is the rowdier of the two siblings, but seems to be more intellectually composed than Edmund due to his clearer speaking voice and generally more coherent train of thought. He has a notably mischievous nature and will often perform pranks on friends or acquaintances, including those involving physical harm.


While typically composed and absorbed in a game on his phone or 2DS, Gerald has a tendency towards mischief and pranks on his friends and family members. He is especially fond of Smacking Techniques, including the Magoon Theater, a technique of his own invention.

He has a known fondness for the bands MGMT and Tame Impala, and will often ask any adults he encounters whether they have any knowledge on either of the bands or not. Aside from these musical artists, he primarily listens to extremely low-caliber music that is often compared to banging pots and pans by the Epicness universe's top music critics.

He has also been nearly detained at airports for referencing Final Destination, La Bomba, and general acts of hijacking or compromising the safety of plane passengers, although these were mainly in an attempt to rile up his younger brother Edmund. He is also a vocal critic of Pasquel, often referring to him by his first name or referring to him as the Globglogabgalab, much to his dismay.


When Gerald isn't pranking his friends and family members, he resides Pasquel's basement, using 4chan, Tumblr & Reddit and proclaiming his love for Homestuck. He is quite popular on Amino as well, known for creating grotesque Globglogabgalab drawings using his notepad. He has also started a freelance career drawing political caricatures, most notably a depiction of 45th US President Donald Trump with a severe yeast infection. During these drawing or internet browsing sessions, he listens intensely to neo-electrogrunge ska-psychpop jazzhop fusion music.

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