Not to be confused with the cryptid of the same name.


Gangrene is the decay of organic tissue caused by lack of blood flow or serious bacterial infections. It is a weapon of war most often used by Edmund Dobbie, while occasionally used by Pasquel FeelinSour, Gerald Magoonez, Freddy Gosmier & Le Cluk, who seemingly have the ability to inflict it temporarily upon others. Any damage caused by gangrene in the Epicness universe usually heals quickly.


Usually, gangrene is inflicted upon another member of the Epicness universe by a member who disagrees with a statement the victim has just supported. However, it can also be one of the many forms of punishment inflicted upon one's testicles when one considers themselves a "gangsta." Ramiel is a common recipient of gangrene damage upon his testicles.

In relation to Edmund Dobbie

It is theorized that Edmund Dobbie is the true identity of one of the three cryptids that plague IvanSonicGamer's village. This is theorized due to the fact that in IvanSonicGamer's cereal video, a tall cryptid known as Gangrene is seen throwing limes at Ivan. This cryptid bears a strong resemblance to Edmund Dobbie. Additionally, Edmund Dobbie is known to have gangrene on his arms on occasion, and possesses the immense power showed by Gangrene in the video.

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