Gamer Girl Pee is the finest of delicacies available in the Epicness Universe, only being created by the most supple bladders of the rare species Venatus puella, or gamer girl. It is IvanSonicGamer’s favorite beverage. Molecular analysis of Gamer Girl Pee finds that a high concentration of arsenic, lead, and smegma differentiate the urine of a Venatus puella from the urine of other species and give it its signature tangy flavor.


The first step in the manufacturing process of the drink known to the ancient Romans as “robloxum” is finding a gamer girl. Its natural habitat is a special type of cave formation, referred to by gamer girl experts as “Daddy’s Basement”. Here, the gamer girl hides from Daddy and gets epic fortnite dubs. However, one cannot just simply approach the gamer girl, as it will instantaneously vaporize at the sight of anyone who wants to harvest its juices. Somebody who desires the delicious piss must wait for the gamer girl to leak into its Big Girl Potty and then leave. There, the pee can be harvested, but before being consumed it must be distilled from the natural liquids in the toilet bowl. This process is known as “gettin that dank peepee” among professionals. After this, the pee must ferment in a jar with a My Little Pony figurine, in order to bring out the succulent flavor. After this the Gamer Girl Pee is ready for consumption.


Normally, the arsenic and lead would be highly toxic to consume. However, the presence of smegma cancels the toxicity. Despite this, the combination of arsenic and lead with the smegma also produces other side effects. One of these side effects is loss of arm control. This can be observed when IvanSonicGamer drinks Gamer Girl Pee, as much of the pee misses his mouth. Another side effect is an extreme desire to take a big suck on them tiddies of the gamer girl which that specific strain of pee comes from. This often results in severe sexual arousal for extended periods of time.

Additionally, other random side effects occur on a case by case basis because of two reasons— a) each gamer girl has slightly different proteins in her body, and b) the fermentation process often invites random mutations. These side effects are typically not reproducible, apart from samples from the exact same strain. The side effects that have occurred from these reasons historically include, but are not limited to:

  • saggy taint
  • changes in eye color, hair color, and lip color
  • Dinner Plate Nipple Syndrome (DPNS)
  • limb detachment (may or may not grow back)
  • a sudden desire to only look one way before crossing the road, giving out personal information on the internet, playing with one’s food, running with scissors, and other mildly dangerous activities
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