Freddy Stringgeez Gosmier is a friend of the other Epicness universe inhabitants, including Pasquel FeelinSour, Edmund Dobbie, Gerald Magoonez and Le Cluk. Although not biologically related to Pasquel or his two children, he still accompanies them, as well as Le Cluk on occasion, on escapades. He is also the founder of the well-known coffee chain Dothers Brothers.


Freddy Gosmier is more mild-mannered than Pasquel FeelinSour's two children, who often resort to light physical violence when excited or agitated. However, he and Pasquel are both prone to making loud expressions of excitement, particularly monkey noises. He is also incredibly eloquent with his speech, and often uses large words such as "dank" and "trolling." He is talented with artwork, and is a frequent attender of Art Club 3:30. However, his style has been compared to artwork of a pregnant Sonic the Hedgehog in a sweater due to the expressiveness and cute/cartoony facial features. He is also known for having a profound stench emanating from his snatch, which Pasquel states frequently.


On April 20th, 2012, Freddy founded the popular coffee chain Dothers Brothers. However, the Dothers Brothers are not actual people and are rather mascots invented by Freddy because he found them to be charming figures to associate with the establishment. At the time it began to gain popularity, there were 79 restaurants, but now there are over 300. He is very fond of his job as a CEO and even works as an on-site manager at the premier location. However, his chain is still recovering after a long dispute with a rival coffee and bakery establishment known as Duffin Dagels that sold his invention, the round, sweet baked good known as a Dagel, and claimed that they had created it. Ultimately, the dispute was settled when Freddy introduced a new beverage known as Scalding Hot Coffee that became so enormously popular that Duffin Dagels went out of business in both America and Siberia and were forced to relocate to Spain where his copyright laws did not apply.

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