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  • Edmund Dobbie's beloved Wucas Dewp Face.Go to Edmund Dobbie
  • IvanSonicGamer bearing the infamous Taki Pickle.Go to IvanSonicGamer
  • Le Cluk's only viewable form.Go to Le Cluk
  • Ivan's Meenion Warpaint.Go to Meenion Warpaint
  • The dastardly Doge.Go to Doge
  • A meme circulating Art Club.Go to Art Club 3:30
  • Ivan's abode.Go to IvanSonicGamer's House
  • A popular depiction of Ramiel.Go to When She Suckin Yo Nuts And You A Gangsta
  • Supreme Patty undergoing a dosage of citrus to his eyes.Go to Supreme Patty
  • The last remaining store from the fallen Walmart empire.Go to Walmart
  • Jah in all his glory.Go to Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo "XXXTentacion" Onfroy
  • The most empowering scene in all of filmmaking.Go to Ghiblifest
  • An excerpt from the world-renowned Book of Walter.Go to Walter Clements
  • Bruh, this guy fatGo to A Fat Man
  • A package of bootleg Widowmaker FingersGo to Widowmaker Fingers
  • The Bogdanoff twins, Igor and GrichkaGo to The Bogdanoffs

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You are now receiving a signal from the surely very unfamiliar Epicness universe, we hope. Our project attempts to document the activities of ANOMALY-7324351-69 (IvanSonicGamer) and the various documented Cryptids that plague his daily life. Under close observation, we record Ivan's activities through recorded vlogs that he posts, as well as comments and interactions he makes online. Through this research project, we hope to unlock the secrets behind the destruction of Ivan's village, the power and origin of the cryptids that inexplicably exist within his region, and the mystical disease-related artifacts that may one day combine to create the never-before-experienced power of the Infinity Jauntlet. This is Edmund Dobbie, signing off.


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"I am 'hi!' Walter type beat." -Pasquel FeelinSour

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