The Energy Shield Potion is a beverage consumed by IvanSonicGamer which he prepares and drinks after performing the Dame Tu Cosita challenge. 


Although Ivan's clear inspiration for the drink is the Shield Potion, originating from the 2017 massively multiplayer JRPG Fortnite, the specific medley of ingredients he uses to concoct it have a long history among Siberian thrillseekers. Originally made from a common pharmaceutical, a blend of spices, and fried onions, the completed brew would begin to ferment immediately after being stirred and would cause powerful boosts of energy and heightened sense awareness. Its popularity as an easy-to-obtain recreational stimulant (as well as the fact that it caused many naughty boys to stay up past their bedtimes) eventually prompted the pharmaceutical company in question to cease operations in the early 60s. However, much of its funds were stored secretly in private accounts and were later used to found Gatorade, a sports drink company that made its beverages from many of the same key ingredients as the banned pharmaceutical. 

Repopularized among niche Russian communities, Energy Shield Potions became a symbol of suavité and rebellion, and served not only as the inspiration behind Bootleg Lean but also for Fortnite's Shield Potion. 


IvanSonicGamer's variation on the recipe involves Gatorade Cool Blue and Spicy Funyuns, which seem to function similarly but produce an overwhelming effect that is not as pleasant as the recreational high usually achieved by consuming the drink. As he consumes the beverage, he becomes increasingly hyperactive, flailing his arms and spilling the drink all over himself. Upon completion, he enthusiastically recreates a dance from Fortnite before playfully, yet viciously, attacking a wooden fence. His lack of coordination (though it is a usual trait that he exhibits in food reviews) likely results from a sensory overload caused by his consumption of the drink. 

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