Dothers Brothers is a chain of establishments founded and managed by Freddy Gosmier. They are known for their fresh-brewed coffee and specialty pastries known as Dagels.


Freddy Gosmier became inspired to create Dothers Brothers on April 20th, 2012, when he attended a gun violence awareness protest. He decided that he could go for a warm brew, and using his immense financial resources commissioned same-day construction of his very first Dothers Brothers cafe. Initially, he offered coffee, tea, and sweet, circular baked goods known as Dagels. His restaurant became an enormous success practically overnight, leading to a new competitor entering the market. A new chain of joint bakery and coffee shops emerged known as Duffin Dagels who had claimed ownership of the Dagel and its creation. Freddy would not stand for this, however, and to further the competition expanded his menu to include the now hugely popular item, scalding hot coffee that was served at a temperature right underneath its boiling point when ordered mild and right underneath its evaporation point when served hot. Unable to compete, Duffin Dagels restaurants closed all over the United States and Siberia, but remained popular in Spain where Freddy was unable to secure copyright rights for the Dagel.


  • The restaurant has been speculated to be related to the existing coffee chain Dunn Brothers, although Freddy has stated that there are no similarities and that Dothers Brothers is clearly superior.
  • The Dothers Brothers themselves are fictional personas or mascots rather than actual individuals associated with the restaurant's foundation.
  • Their famous Scalding Hot Coffee has been responsible for 35% of traumatic injuries or deaths within the past year alone!
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