"Dosificación-tonelada" (roughly translated to Doshington) is an exotic and highly developed city in the middle region of the South American country of Colombia. Among other things, it is prominent for its International Spy Museum, more particularly the faux ventilation system display that Edmund Dobbie frequents.


Doshington is a highly technological city with many large tourist attractions including many malls and historical monuments. Oddly, the history celebrated within these monuments is entirely American, leading some to consider the city as a tribute to America. Additionally, it has a large subway system, and is notable for its many Five Guys restaurants that are open after 10:00, the typical closing time for Five Guys in other regions of the world. It is most notable for its International Spy Museum, a large spy-themed attraction that contains a faux ventilation system as part of a display that Edmund Dobbie is very fond of.

Family Trip

Doshington came to the attention of the Epicness Universe denizens when Pasquel FeelinSour took a family trip there with his two sons Edmund Dobbie and Gerald Magoonez. They flew by plane (which is where IvanSonicGamer's Ice Drinking Challenge was recorded) and landed in Tilted Towers Airport, where they traveled to Doshington from there. They stayed for a few days, and on the final day the Magoon Theater slapping technique was invented by Gerald Magoonez. This is the trip where Edmund Dobbie discovered the vents for the first time.

Sewer System

Doshington is home to an expansive sewer system where many rebellious or endangered youth reside. This sewer system was the childhood home of JuanMarioGamer and bears many resemblances to the much more expansive network Da Vents, which has raised interest for also originating in Doshington.

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