Dinos for Dobbie was an event held to celebrate the ninth anniversary of Edmund Dobbie's materialization. It took place at Cryngal Castles Bowling Alley and held Edmund Dobbie along with many of the other denizens of the Epicness universe.

Transcript of Events

Many friends and family members of Edmund showed up at the event before Edmund himself, waiting outside for his grand arrival in a limousine. When he arrived, him and his friends immediately began the activities. He was gifted many meaningful items, including the new records Death Shits and Plastic Shit by artist Bench Tails from his brother Gerald Magoonez, and a "Wucas Dewp Face" t-shirt by his father Pasquel FeelinSour. They immediately began bowling, trying to see who could score the best and "cringiest" plays, performing dances from the popular story-based RPG Fortnite. This was the birthplace of Pasquel's famous "cringe strike," in which he bowled and immediately got a gutter ball, but not before he turned around and began doing the Orange Justice (not to be confused with the technique of the same name) dance from Fortnite, which obviously won him the game. Afterwards, the group began to play in the Vapor Wave Arcade, an arcade which contained artifacts depicting B'hono'ii, one of the Four Elder Gods from the F'naafist religion. After not winning anything and threatening each other with high-powered weapons known as Pubgi, they returned to enjoy curly fries at the enthusiastic suggestion of Freddy Gosmier. At this time, Le Cluk was threatened by Freddy when he performed a vigorous dance move that later came to be a key part of the Bogpilling procedure. Afterwards, they returned to Edmund's abode in a crowded clown car, and later that night the IvanSonicGamer Spicy Oreo Gumbo Review and Dimitri Notcluk's Expired Mountain Dew Review were uploaded. The event concluded the next morning.

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