Димитрий Ноцклюк (translated to Dimitri Aaron Natkluk) is a life-long friend of IvanSonicGamer & Ivan's cameraman. He is notable for having many visual and behavioral resemblances to Le Cluk, including his blond hair, thick glasses, and physical fragility.


Ivan and Dimitri had been friends since Ivan's birth, making light of their residence in their desolate and cryptid-ravaged Barnaul village. However, Ivan was always perplexed at how Dimitri disappeared at sundown every day, leaving his clothes discarded at the edge of the forest. One day, Ivan noticed that Dimitri had been gone for several days, his clothes remaining in the same spot. On December 28th, 2016, Ivan awoke to find his village abandoned and burning to the ground, quickly leaving his intact house to put out the fires. He stockpiled food from other houses, amassed Minion and Sonic toys, and laid down to rest. The next morning, on December 29th, 2016, he awoke to find a hooded figure stepping out of the woods. It was Dimitri! Overjoyed to see his long-lost friend alive, Ivan made a proposal. "давайте сделаем видео, геймер." (translated to "let's make a video, gamer.") Dimitri agreed, and Ivan prepared odd amalgamations of food for their first three YouTube food reviews, in which Ivan reviewed a bottle of water, a bottle of Hot Fry Water, and a 3DS Vape. They continue to make videos to this day, but due to Dimitri's mannerisms and fragility within the videos, he is theorized to actually be Le Cluk.

Physical Description

Dimitri is a 4'8, presumably male child of very skinny build, although this is obscured under the thick winter clothing he typically wears. Dimitri has very pale skin, thick glasses and medium-length blond hair. He typically wears hoodies or other coats, along with fanny packs, jeans, boots and his signature forest-green beanie. A depiction of Dimitri as a Gorillaz member shows him wearing a grey hoodie, a forest-green fanny pack, a forest-green beanie with a golden crown design on the front over the hoodie, black jeans, brown leather dress shoes and a caution-tape belt.

Gaming Channel

In addition to Ivan, Dimitri claims to have a YouTube channel by the name of "Dimitri Gaming Siberia," in which he reviews expired Mountain Dew. During the course of the 40-second review, he spits it all over the wooden floor of an abandoned hut before commenting that it tastes very "suhweeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh." In this video, the camera operation is very shaky and often zooms in and out, with fingers appearing in the frame often. This indicates that Ivan is a poor cameraman and doesn't do it often, or he is still excited from consuming Spicy Oreo Gumbo. It also reveals Dimitri's fragile and sporadic state even more clearly.

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