The Destruction of Barnaul was an event that resulted in the destruction of IvanSonicGamer's village in Barnaul, Siberia . It is theorized to have been caused by a Cryptid attack, as well as a shortage of lemons and limes within the village.


Leading up to the Destruction of Barnaul, Ivan's mother and father had been preparing to purchase him a large amount of Despicable Me "Minion" toys. They struggled with this, as the village had been undergoing a shortage of lemons and limes. Cryptid sightings were on the rise, and Ivan's lifelong friend Dimitri began to grow distant. With fears of an economic collapse, villagers began amassing food. Many local businesses closed, leaving the Siberian Gas Station as the only business in operation.

The night of December 28th, 2016, Ivan laid down to sleep, excitedly awaiting Siberian Christmas the next day. As he slept, three great beasts lumbered out of the woods into the village square. One was tall and lanky, wearing a long black robe and covered in rotting flesh. Another was thickly built and insanely strong, snarling through a blemish-ridden face that lacked a nose. In the middle of the two, a beast of incomprehensible power hobbled out, burning with electric yellow energy. The beasts let loose, sinking their teeth and claws into any structure they could find, and sending arcs of pure power everywhere, causing the village to burst into flames. As they ravaged every standing structure, the village burned to the ground.


The next morning, Ivan stepped out of his house, which had been left completely untouched, to find smoking rubble where his village once was. Soon, Dimitri stepped out of the forest, prompting Ivan to make their first YouTube review, the Water Bottle Challenge. Out of town, the Siberian Gas Station remained standing due to its armored structure.

This proved to be a food supply for Ivan, as well as the enormous amassed amounts of spicy food discovered in villagers' basements. (Spicy food is coveted in Barnaul due to its energizing and warming properties.) He additionally found an entire trove of toys his parents had planned on giving him for Siberian Christmas, including a 3DS and several emoji and Five Nights at Freddy's themed items. Ivan's parents are theorized to still be alive, although it's possible that Ivan is just delusional.

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